Simplicity & Security

Serial Key Manager gives you all the tools you need to set up a strong licensing system for your application. Select a plan that best suits your needs!

Standard Usage

For small volumes (10k requests per month), perfect for hobby projects and small teams.

/month (or get a FREE month per year)) Get FREE Trial
All the essential tools for effective licensing solution
/month (or get 2 FREE months per year) Get FREE Trial
Combine payments with your application
/month (or get 2 FREE months per year) Get FREE Trial
All the tools in Serial Key Manager including Analytics

Large Scale

Customized, reliable and scalable licensing on enterprise level.

Enterprise Licensing
A tailored solution for high volumes of end customers, with custom development of functionalities to support all types of workflows (from mission critical applications to large scale usage) and software.
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Enterprise-Grade Support
Instant support offered according to required service level to enterprise customers including e.g. phone and email support.

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All plans include

   Web API

Get license related information on any platform.

   Instant Access

Access the control panel anytime, anywhere.

   Strong Protection

Get a modern software protection system.

   Storage within the European Union

Comply with data storage regulations and increase trust.

On-Premise or Dedicated Hosting?

Get a customized option to meet your requirements. Serial Key Manager can be hosted specifically for your company:

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Feature Standard Professional Ultimate
Access anywhere, anytime
Security through Data (beta)
Key Activation & Deactivation
Key Validation
Offline Key Activation
Optional Field
Key Generation
Information about Activated Devices
Key Activation
Get Product Variables / List Products
Web API Log
Control Panel
Up to one product
Time limited/unlimited keys
Customizable keys
Limit keys to certain devices
Customer Management
Activation Forms
Includes a small banner
Payment Forms
Includes a small banner